• Butterfly Orchids on fruits

    It was towards the year-end past Christmas Day. I stepped into a boutique hotel suite in Bangkok. I often feel so excited when I get into a room after check-in or sometimes get disappointed. To be lucky enough, this time was the former. The suite room really raised me up, not for the quality, but for the arrangement of fruits and flowers on a white plate placed on the low table beside the sofa. There were two bananas, two big oranges and three green apples with some orchids’ petals scattered over them. Dendrobiums are the kind of orchids I saw. Three kinds of fruits are nothing special but can be found almost anywhere. Orchids are Thailand’s the national flowers and popular in Tokyo as well. However, the colors were just fascinating. Gradation from deep to weak purple with turquoise blue in the centre of flower petals were so well harmonized with yellow, orange and green fruits in white. It was like Music conducted by an orchestra or Flowers beautifully arranged by a master. My heart was enriched with what I saw through my eyes. That is what I wished to delineate.

  • Colorful Cherry Tomatoes

    Recently, I often come across unique vegetables and fruits in the local supermarket. Among others, I am inspired by cherry tomatoes for their characteristic colors and shapes. The colors and shapes are so rich and unique although only red ones have been a mainstream until just a little while ago. I can take as many tomatoes by color and shape. I put the tomatoes into plastic containers. Red ones have a wide variety of shapes and colors such as round and oval etc. I try to pay attention to even the calyx shape of each tomato. Most of them are round in shape. There are yellow, lemon yellow, orange, brown, green and light green ones. I pay the bill per gram. I bought 40 pieces today. I rolled them on a black cloth in the kitchen. They started moving back and forth as if they had been alive.

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