2021 Exhibition /Solo Exhibition

  • 2021.6.11

    2021 Exhibition /Solo Exhibition

    ① The 22nd France – Japan Multinational Contemporary Art Exhibition (Solo Category)
    Date and Time; 2021/8/5 ~ 8/15 (closed on Tuesday) 10;00 ~ 18:00
    Place; The National Art Center in Tokyo (Room 3A & 3B)
    The titles of works:
    1)Basil (size;100×80.3 cm)、2)Lavender (100×80.3 cm) 3)Spathiphyllum – (116.7x91cm) 4)Gabriella (100×80.3 cm)

    ② Solo Exhibition Video on “Flowers & Women – Greens”
    * Click the button at the bottom of this exhibition information to watch it.

    5)Bishop’s weed (116.7x91cm) 6) Sweetpeas (116.7x91cm) 7) Rose ring (100×80.3 cm) 8) Lilac (100×80.3 cm) 9) Mimosas (162×130.3cm) 10) Break (162×130.3cm) 11) Tulips (65.2x53cm) 12) Red Sweetpeas (65.2x53cm)

    Theme; common for ①and②. My intention for the works is to create a relaxing atmosphere with Greens, plants, flowers and women. The leading part for each work is not women but Greens with plants and flowers.

    We have been living under corona for more than one and half years. Everybody must have some kind of stress and anxiety more or less. Some people’s nervous system may be in disorder. And I am one of them.

    I love to spend time together with Greens-plants. I feel so relaxed and comfortable. They make me forget disgusting things and dispel anxiety. I have been painting pictures with such scenery which I believe is peaceful.

    All the pictures will be uploaded soon (when this homepage site is renewed).

    *The renewed HP is planned to be ready by the end of June 2021.

    ★Essays are available for four paintings under ① and for some paintings under ②. My motivation with some episode and background for painting each picture can be found in essays.

    *All the pictures will be ready to watch upon the completion of the HP renewal.(at the end of June.) As for the video, in early August.

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