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Notes from Atelier New Works are coming out soon

The season of fresh green has come. In Japan, the country has slowly begun its much anticipated vaccination program with dissatisfaction over the nation’s slow vaccine rollout. May vaccinations be expected to speed. After a long period of social distancing, and with many of us still working from home. I feel it is unavoidable to feel anxious about socializing.

About 10 works I have been making since the end of last year are expected to be at the on-line gallery soon. Four works out of 10 will be exhibited in the 22nd France-Japan Multinational Contemporary Art Exhibition (The National Art Center in Tokyo, 8/5~8/15, Solo Department). In addition, I am planning to make the video on all the works including the above 4 works.

The theme for the new works is “Relaxing with Greens”. Not only flowers but also ornamental foliage plant and women have been newly added to the works. My intention for each work is to create relaxing atmosphere with flowers, plants and women which are in exquisite sense of distance.

Tomoko Yamamoto


Notes from Atelier The world of “Flower” is “Spring” already.

Time flies and it is already February. February 3rd is the day of Setsubun. The word, Setsubun litetally means “division of the seasons.” February 4th is Risshun, the first day of spring. It is thought to be the ending of winter and the beginning of spring.

I often visit some flower shops near my house. The world of “flower” is ”Spring” already. Multicolored Tulips, Sweet peas and Ranunculus are fabulous. Ranunculus flowers look like roses and their colors are bright and vivid. Such vitamin colors give me “Energy”. I am working on my paintings with spring flowers.

Tomoko Yamamoto


From the atelier to 2021

Thank you very much for visiting my Homepage.

I am currently working on a new picture composition with “figures”, “interior objects” and “natural scenery” towards 2021. And they should be added to my exiting objects including flowers and fruits. I hope you will enjoy my new works which will be posted at some point in time.

I appreciate all your support given to me this year and I wish you a prosperous 2021 filled with health, happiness and success.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!

Tomoko Yamamoto



With the closure of many Galleries and museums following the outbreak of Coronavirus,
many in the art world say an online viewing room cannot replace the firsthand experience of encountering a painting in person. However, it is impossible to visit a work of art at this time.
I believe that a digital substitute is better than not seeing the art at all.
I am now working on four big paintings for “The 21st France-Japan Multinational Contemporary Art Exhibition”. I hope they will be able to be seen by many people in August.
May God bless and keep you always!



Tomoko Yamamoto


Just a Note from Atelier

For many of you, flowers must be there in your life. You sometimes touch them and smell them, and you send them to your loved ones to please them. You may be even growing flowers in your garden as avid gardeners. I am actually one of them. I am especially attracted by the detailed process of how flowers blossom. I often find the way they blossom from the center to the outside so mysterious.
When I paint, I tend to focus on the process and try to describe what I see. I have painted what each flower is to me and I have painted it big enough so that others would see what I see. I believe that my images would be transmitted to them.

In addition, “Fruits and Vegetables” are very attractive to me for paintings. Even one fruit gives me the power to create a new one.

Recently, I often come across unique vegetables and fruits in the local supermarket. Among others, I am inspired by cherry tomatoes for their characteristic colors and shapes. I enjoy picking and choosing them and bringing them back home, I start my new work with a petite tomato motif.

My solo exhibition in 2019 will be held from October 26 through 31 in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo. The motifs are ‘Roses’, ‘Callas’, ‘Hydrangeas’, ‘Sweet Peas’, Pansies’, ‘Morning Glories’, ‘Strawberries’, ’Cherry Tomatoes’, ‘Grapefruits’, ‘Peaches’, ‘’Apples’, Oranges’ and ‘Lemons’.

Le Ciel Bleu in Jiyugaoka is a brand new Gallery with a cool terrace and blue sky. I hope my “Flowers and Fruits” will make you feel relaxed and at ease.

On Saturday, October 26 (from 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.), we are having the Opening Reception. Drinks and light hors d’oeuves will be served.

I look forward to seeing you at Le Ciel Bleu in Jiyugaoka.

Tomoko Yamamoto

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