• 9. Gabriella – Ideal lover –

    Gabriella is one of the Tulips and its color is purplish pink covered with white outer rims.

    Tulips are thought to be a typical flower as a sign of spring.

    They are often seen at flower shops after the middle of January.

    Such colorful tulips recall childhood memory and feel nostalgic.

    I used to draw tulips often because they looked easy to be painted.

    Their shapes were looked simple compared to other flowers.

    And at this time, I had a bit hesitation and anxiety before I face to paint tulips.

    However, such a negative feeling was brushed away soon after I start painting.

    They were very fresh and attractive to me because there are so many kinds available in shapes and colors at the market.

    Their shapes and colors are complicated enough for me to blow them out.

    In the end, I came to realize some beauty even after flowers die, fall and scatter.

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