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    The season of fresh green has come. In Japan, the country has slowly begun its much anticipated vaccination program with dissatisfaction over the nation’s slow vaccine rollout. May vaccinations be exp..

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    Time flies and it is already February. February 3rd is the day of Setsubun. The word, Setsubun litetally means “division of the seasons.” February 4th is Risshun, the first day of spring. It is though..

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    Thank you very much for visiting my Homepage. I am currently working on a new picture composition with “figures”, “interior objects” and “natural scenery” towards 2021. And they should be added to ..




Tomoko yamamoto

About the Artist
Tomoko Yamamoto is a Tokyo born artist. She received her B.A. Degree in Comparative Culture from Sophia University, Tokyo Japan and completed her M.A. Degree in Social Sciences at the University of Chicago in 1991.
In 2003, she published a book, “PIZZA & BEADS- Essays on Comparative Culture; Japan and USA“ under the name of Tomoko Oka – her pen name.
She exhibited quite a few works in Europe and the She won France-Japan Award in the France-Japan Multinational Art Exhibition and THE WINDOW OF ARTS (ART collectors’ monthly magazine) Award in 2015.
She held her first solo exhibition in 2018, at Fujiya Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo.
In October (2019), the solo exhibition was carried out in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo. (Gallery Le ciel bleu)
The France-Japan Multinational Art Exhibition(Solo Category)was held in 2020 , at the National Art Center (Tokyo, Roppongi).
Her works were exhibited in the 34th Salon International de Paris. (2021/4/22〜4/25)
2021/8/5 ~ 8/15 Japan-France Contemporary Art World Exhibition, Solo Exhibition (Tokyo, Roppongi, The National Art Center, Tokyo)

Tomoko Yamamoto Instagram

Tomoko yamamoto


2021 Exhibition /
Solo Exhibition

① The 22nd France – Japan Multinational Contemporary Art Exhibition (Solo Category) 4 oil paintings (size;100x80.3 cm, 116.7x91cm) Motif: Flowers & Women – Greens Theme: Relaxing space with Greens -plants, flower and women.

② Solo Exhibition Video on “Flowers & Women – Greens”. 12 oil paintings including the above works. Theme is same as the above. Size; from 162x130.3cm(largest) ~ 65.2x53cm(smallest)
★Essays are available for four paintings under ① and for some paintings under ②. What has made me start painting each picture is written with some episode and background.
*All the pictures will be ready to watch upon the completion of the HP renewal.(at the end of June.) As for the video, in early August.

Tomoko yamamoto

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