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The 21st France-Japan Multinational Contemporary Art Exhibition
Place;  The National Art Center in Tokyo,
Room 3A &3B
Date; 2020/8/8 ~ 8/16
*Since 1996, this exhibition has been held at the National Art Center during the month of August and features mainly Japanese and French artists. Some of the participating French artists have been included in such art shows as “Le Salon des Artistes Français” and “Le Salon d’Automne”.

Notes from Atelier

New works in a time of virus  2020/07/12

Four paintings for ““The 21st France-Japan Multinational Contemporary Art Exhibition” are released on this Home Page and will be exhibited in the National Art Center from August 8th.
The works have been made with some influence under the outbreak of Coronavirus at least to a certain extent. You might have a stoic impression on the two Hydrangea Wreaths. On the other hand, the rest of them seem to be bright and optimistic as if the normal life returned to us.
City in lockdown and stay-at-home must have been an inimaginable thing happened in our lives. Flower petals spreading to outside might be some desire for the normal life.
It turns out that awful time in my life was good training for a pandemic, for social upheaval, for economic and financial uncertainty. The experience taught me that I never really know what’s going to happen next.
Many in the art world say an online viewing room cannot replace the firsthand experience of encountering a painting in person. However, it is impossible to visit a work of art at this time. I believe that a digital substitute is better than not seeing the art at all.
I hope they will be seen by many people in the museum as well as online gallery.
May God bless and keep you always!

Tomoko Yamamoto


2020/8/8~16 (closed on 11th)
The 21st France-Japan Multinational Contemporary Art Exhibition

Consistent Topic for 4 Works – What many people are having in common under the Pandemic situation – the outbreak of Coronavirus.
All the works are painted in oil. The paintings with a motif with Flowers and Fruits such as Hydrangea, Roses, Sweet peas, Strawberries and Grapes.
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  • Muscats and Roses
    S20 72.7 x 72.7 cm

  • Colorful Cherry Tomatoes
    F20 72.7 × 60.6cm

  • Jellybeans Candies on Grapes and Flowers
    S20 72.7 x 72.7 cm

  • Strawberries with Cream
    S20 72.7 × 72.7cm

  • Mr. K.Y. 2017
    F50 116.7 x 91cm

  • Mr.K.Y. 2020

  • White Rose
    F3 27.3 × 22cm

  • Pansy on Lemon
    M3 65.2 × 50cm

  • Grapefruit
    SO 18 × 18cm

  • Grapefruit with mint
    SSM 22.7 × 22.7cm

  • Orange
    SSM 22.7×22.7cm

  • Apple
    FO 18×18cm


About the Artist

Tomoko Yamamoto is a Tokyo born artist. She received her B.A. Degree in Comparative Culture from Sophia University, Tokyo Japan and completed her M.A. Degree in Social Sciences at the University of Chicago in 1991.
In 2003, she published a book, “PIZZA & BEADS- Essays on Comparative Culture; Japan and USA“ under the name of Tomoko Oka – her pen name.
She exhibited quite a few works in Europe and the She won France-Japan Award in the France-Japan Multinational Art Exhibition and THE WINDOW OF ARTS (ART collectors’ monthly magazine) Award in 2015.
She held her first solo exhibition in 2018, at Fujiya Gallery, Ginza, Tokyo.
In October (2019), the solo exhibition was carried out in Jiyugaoka, Tokyo. (Gallery Le ciel bleu)
The France-Japan Multinational Art Exhibition(Solo Category)was held in 2020 , at the National Art Center (Tokyo, Roppongi).